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Check and balances

It is a complex set-up designed to prevent one person from controlling all the political powers of the government through the so-called separation of powers concept. The legislative branch of the government crafts and enacts the laws of land while the executive branch implements (or enforces) the laws passed by the US Congress.A judiciary interprets laws by helping define meaning and intent of the law when there is a question or a doubt about what the law is really intended for. All the three branches must work in harmony in order for the government to have a smooth functioning in serving the American citizenry. Needless to say, each branch can question or challenge the powers of another branch and this is what is meant by the system of checks and balances. The effect on the bureaucracy is to prevent abuses and excesses which will be detrimental to representative democracy. The intent is that each branch watches out for the other two branches and put some brakes if ever there is any incipient abuse of political power inherent or granted to each branch. However, it is often unavoidable that conflicts between the branches will occur but these can be resolved. The framers of the US constitution made sure that democracy will work by using this system. Executive Branch – the president has been granted the power to veto the laws passed by the legislative branch but his veto can be overturned by a majority of Congress. Presidents also have the power to force Congress to an adjournment if the congress cannot agree on it. ...
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The federal government of the United States of America is composed of all the three branches which are the executive (president and cabinet), the legislative (the US Congress of both upper and lower houses – which are the Senate and the Congress) and the judiciary…
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