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Terrorist Group Hezbollah

Western terrorists are not motivated by religion and hardly ever have a wish to become martyrs. Hence, escape is the main concern to them. They use remote bombs, snipers or Improvised explosive devices (IED’s), which permits them to be far-off from the place of the crime. With the expansion of religious fundamentalist terror campaigns, the nature of terrorist targets has revolutionized (Burgan, 2010). The Hezbollah is also a terrorist group that opposes the Christian religion. Raids, which result in a great number of civilian causalities or deaths, are the main agenda of the Hezbollah terrorist group. These attacks have been witnessed in the Middle East for some time now with a lengthy custom of suicide bombings of crowded civilian places such as night clubs and bars. Secondly, in the Hezbollah group, terrorist survival is not a serious worry, but for other groups, death is not a pleasing outcome as the terrorists keenly seek to avoid death during their attacks. This suggests that targets that were earlier thought to be protected from attack are currently at risk. The possibility of the Hezbollah terrorist group fruitfully reaching their target, if the groups own survival is not a concern, is much, much greater. In reality, preventing a suicide bomber of the Hezbollah group from causing deaths, apart from his or her death, is virtually not possible.
Potential Targets of Terrorist Attacks
Examples of strong targets would incorporate military bases, high ranking politicians, and heads of state plus political organizations. ...
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This paper discusses the factors that terrorist groups might consider when choosing targets. It also explains how these factors differ for the Hezbollah terrorist group. Finally, it provides the most likely targets, and explain why the terrorist group chooses these targets. …
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