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Pricing the Flagships

The results show that there are a number of political factors that influence tuition setting. Minority representation in state legislatures effects University policy. Secondly, the results show that tuition charges are linked to unemployment rates (high unemployment, higher tuition), tax revenue (higher revenue, lower tuition) and share of the population aged between 18 and 24 (higher share lower tuition). The authors conclude that there is a link between political representation and post-secondary policy outcomes. The authors argue that unlike the idea of academic integration proposed by Tinto which focuses on the experiences of a student with the academic system and communities, active learning involves the activities that help in academic integration. Therefore, active learning and academic integration are not interchangeable. According to the authors, active learning helps to enhance the students’ understanding of course content, and students who encounter active learning see themselves gaining knowledge. In this study, the authors used a sample of 718 first year students from a private research university to study the influence of active learning on departure/persistence decisions. The authors observed that two major behaviors of active learning greatly influenced social integration: class discussions and higher order thinking. Based on the findings, the authors conclude that faculty classroom behaviors significantly influence the student departure process. ...
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This essay "Pricing the Flagships" concerns the article written by Michael McLendon, James Hearn, and Robert Hammond in which the authors attempt to examine the drivers behind the differences in the tuition rises across public research universities in the US. …
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