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Human Rights Organizations in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina

Political repression and human rights violations were the main reasons for the social movement in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina (Loveman, 1998, p. 485). Disappearances occurred regularly during the insurrections throughout the countries of Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. Family members, relatives, and friends would be taken during the night, tortured, and often murdered to spread terror throughout the region (Brysk, 1994, p. 36). Strict censorship laws banned “thousands of books, songs, and films” throughout the country (Garcia as quoted by Loveman, 1998, p. 513).
Amnesty International (1982, p. 1) discussed the assumption that one in every 500 citizens experienced a period of imprisonment. The Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights (1985, p. 52) suggested that numbers were quite a bit lower and possibly as low as 1:47 ratio of citizens experiencing prison, home invasions, beatings, torture, or other repressive actions to maintain subservient domination over the people.
It is suggested that certain factions in Argentina tried to create social human rights organizations to help those individuals who were severely repressed or oppressed (Mignone, 1986). The human rights organizations that emerged were not through institutional channels. While Chile acquired help from America and Europe religious groups and Uruguay received no help from any of the religious sects, Argentina secured financial support for human rights organizations from Sweden’s nongovernmental organizations (Gauding, 1991, p. 103). ...
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The situations that create interest in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina for the creation of social movements for human rights is the hostile take-over of the countries from one political regime to another (Loveman, 1998). …
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