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Platos and Aristotles Political Ideologies

Aristotle, was more enticed in nature’s actual physical features, for the larger part the Natural Sciences. Aristotle is not concerned with perfecting the society. However, he rather focuses on enhancing the current one. Instead of producing a blueprint for the ideal society, he suggests in his book, The Politics, that the society should attain the best possible governing system that is attainable. Aristotle focuses on the ideals that are expressible in the form of laws, public opinion, and customs of the citizens of the actual states. These ideals are the materials by which politics must work with, seek to improve, and respect. In short, all that is needed is to improve the existing system.
There are several divisions evident in contrast to the opinions of this two great thinkers. They primarily concern forms, eternal ideas, and causes and how they relate to change, and the role of observations and explanations using the senses. In their different ideologies regarding man’s nature, both Aristotle and Plato explained the relationship between the individual and the society, and furthermore the government’s requirement to maintain stability and order. Plato’s utopian state, which he refers in his book, The Republic, as the ‘Kallipolis’, and Aristotle’s ideal relationship concept between the government and the social order in an actual city-state contrast regardless of the end and purpose that they sought to attain, the telos Instead of the proposed manner by which they planned to reach the ‘telos.’ ...
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The essay "Plato’s and Aristotle’s Political Ideologies" focuses on comparing and contrasting Plato’s and Aristotle’s political philosophy works. First, Plato primarily aimed at explaining the nature of things in a theoretical manner through metaphysics and in contrast to the actual terms. …
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