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Iran Nuclear Deal

In as much as the Iran nuclear deal has raised a lot of debates on the implications of the deal on international platform, it is evident that the deal is a great milestone achieved regarding international relations and diplomacy. America and the international community have for many decades put measures including international sanctions and freezing of the Iranian assets as a means of averting the Iranian intention of making nuclear weapons, but only with immense level of failure. It is thus obvious that the Iran nuclear deal framework is a diplomatic way of solving the nuclear issue (Bremmer, 2015).
With the agreement towards the Iran nuclear deal, the deal would help in the reduction of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium. This is an important step since uranium is one of the major nuclear elements required in the manufacture of an atomic bomb. A reduction in the stockpile of uranium is thus a peaceful means of ensuring Iran does not manufacture the bombs. Additionally, the deal through the limit of the nuclear facilities in Iran would increase the time required for Iran to process a nuclear bomb from two to three months to at least one year. The increase in duration is very crucial as it gives the international community time to monitor Iranian nuclear activities ensuring Iran does not manufacture a nuclear weapon.
Being that Iran agreed to international monitoring of its nuclear activities with robust level of transparency, it would be difficult for the country to use its nuclear stockpile for military purposes; ...
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The paper "Iran Nuclear Deal" tells how according to the agreement details, the Islamic Republic of Iran would reduce, convert and redesign its nuclear facilities as well as to accept an additional protocol with provisional applications, to lift all nuclear-related economic sanctions towards Iran…
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