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These various forms of de-centralization are done by systems of the national government which in turn gives it a multi-functional autonomy with the decision making process. When we inspect these multi forms of processes of de-centralization, the one that reflects as the dominant and functional form is federalism; this is where the legal sovereignty is shared between the central government and the national or regional governments. As the American nation was in its infancy, the debate that took place was over what would become of the United States government that we know today. Also which framework or in this case which form of government will it be? Madison mentions that the nation back then was split between two groups; the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, in the case of one group was pro Constitution and the other group opposed it (Madison et al, 1987, pp. 2-5). Since the American nation had a well-documented history of it becoming a federalist sovereign state, we will focus on its past and present considering that the theory of federalism has been proven for over two centuries. Within this context, it is found that federalism is the most efficient manner of dividing political power in a democracy. This essay will illustrate how the U.S. government considered that federalism was the best choice for the American nation.
In this paper we will help define federalism in the first body paragraph and the argument according to it as well. It will be broken down into two parts which the second one will discuss the history of federalism. ...
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Today when we look around the globe, there are many countries that are way too big for just one political administration to control all aspects of each states functions and operations. By distributing the functions of the government between each state, it is far more achievable and therefore this type of process is called “de-centralization”…

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