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Parliamentary System VS Presidential System

This research will begin with the statement that democratic governments are those that permit the nation's citizens to manage their government either directly or through elected representatives. This is opposed to authoritarian governments that limit or prohibit the direct participation of its citizens. Different types of political systems prevailing in the current world. Broadly speaking, based on the nature of functioning the entire political systems in the world can be classified into tow; democratic systems and totalitarian systems. Communism in China and some of the autocratic Islamic administrations in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE etc are examples of totalitarian administrations. On the other hand, in countries like America, Canada, UK, India etc; democratic administrations are functioning even though these administrations differ somewhat in its core areas of functioning. Since the fall of Soviet Union and the subsequent fall of communist regimes in Easter Europe, democracy is gaining prominence in world politics. Parliamentary system and presidential system are the two major categories under the democratic political system. Judiciary, Parliament and Executive are the three major pillars upon which a democratic political system works. The nature of functioning of these three pillars would be different in parliamentary and presidential political systems. Canada, India, etc are some of the countries in which parliamentary democracy prevails whereas in America presidential system of democracy is in operation. ...
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This paper is aimed at providing a comparative study of two of the most popular types of democratic governments are the presidential and parliamentary systems taking Canada and America as examples. Both parliamentary system and presidential system has its own merits and demerits…
Author : bdickinson

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