What have you learned from a psychology degree?

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First,that I must confirm,I have learnt how to deal with stress management and work life balance then there are the perspectives of learning the skills of continuing professional development which includes skills like essay writing,effective reading and note taking,critical thinking,taking part in research,accessing library information…


In a general sense what I have learnt from basic degree of Psychology could be enumerated as an abstract of identifying oneself through the knowledge of development and application. First, that I must confirm, I have learnt how to deal with stress management and work life balance then there are the perspectives of learning the skills of continuing professional development which includes skills like essay writing, effective reading and note taking, critical thinking, taking part in research, accessing library information, using computers and online resources. In a selective sense it could be mentioned that in the preliminary stages I learnt the historical background of Psychology along with inter-relationships with other disciplines like Cognitive psychology and individual and group differences. Statistics in Psychological Research also proved to be a very useful tool for psychological determination. Here hypothesis testing, probability, significance testing, confidence intervals and effect sizes, experimental design, inferential statistics techniques and Correlation and measures of association are topics that are worth learning for future practice in the profession utility. Moreover, other departments like developmental psychology, physiological and biological development, development of thinking, intelligence and morals, process of learning, methods of interaction of individuals, research issues, methods and ethics also proved to be of substantial help.
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