Exploring Social Psychology

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Personality traits that could be heritable, could be known to heart, but not to reasoning and belong to unconscious information arena. Predicting behaviour or constructing memories, reconstructing past attitudes all need cognitive, biological and cultural perspectives…


Exploring Social Psychology

Some traits are far more heritable, because they were held important by earlier generations and I might have come inherited it. . As an old Chinese proverb says, "Two-thirds of what we see is behind our eyes" Myers (1994, p.24).

My friend Stevens may not be right in thinking that hypnosis would improve his memory, and my mother could be right when she thinks that hypnosis might help her arthritis pain from which she had been suffering for long. In my friend's case, improving the memory through hypnosis, even though it awakens a subconscious, recovered memory, it may not be reliable. Psychotherapy and guided memory arousal might lead to false memory power. American Medical Association said: "The Council finds that recollections obtained during hypnosis can involve confabulations and pseudomemories and not only fail to be more accurate, but actually appear to be less reliable than nonhypnotic recall.1" Hence, Steven would not be very successful. My mother could be benefited by pain management. "The body of literature which has investigated whether hypnosis can reduce pain sensitivity has been overwhelmingly supportive"

Professor's memory loss could be result of loss of cognitive abilities of could be the onset of Alzheimer. Also could be the result of mental level of alertness slipping; “…difficulties with age-related memory loss are likely to be quite manageable for educated elderly with reasonably good physical health, consistent medical care, high levels of activity and accessible support systems. ...
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