What is standpoint feminism?

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But what is the alternative approach of the feminist standpoint? First of all, it is the location of women within research. And this is crucial to our understanding of women's place in the social world.


In general though, feminist theorists in order to explain the marginal position women's issues hold in the social sciences - and why they are merely "added on" in the academic discourse, focus their critique upon traditional scientific approaches existing in the social sciences, offering alternative theories of knowledge. In addition, they attack concepts that originate from the founding fathers of each discipline, and which still hold an exceptional position in the social sciences. For example, feminists believe that the concepts of scientific neutrality, or objectivity, or the belief that we can achieve "pure" knowledge of the social world, have all contributed to the androcentric status of the social sciences.

Feminists criticised traditional social science, suggesting that it offers a distorted picture of social reality, as it predominantly focuses its attention upon men's experiences. Sociology's role in the exclusion and silencing of women from this discourse has also been the object of feminist criticism. This renders problematic the attempt to think how women experience the world from their place, given the limited concepts and theoretical schemes available to employ. The contribution of Sociology to this is that of working up the conceptual procedures, models and methods by which the immediate and concrete features of experience can be read into the conceptual mode in which the governing is done. ...
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