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Psychologically, it has been well founded that verbal abuse has a serious impact on the subconscious as well as the conscious mentality of an individual. So, based on that statement, its viable to assume that someone who would make racial comments or degrade an individual based on their ethnicity, religion, or any personal attributes, would of course, cause the victim to retaliate in an irrational way, possibly with a mixture of anger and hate; amongst feelings of fear and uncertainty.


Your mind was also in overtime during that moment, and logical thinking was way out there. These feelings are normal and come into action when you are boxed in a corner or wide open in the public, being demeaned with no foreseeable escape plan. The vulnerability a person feels when in a position such as this place an extreme amount of stress on an individual, which brings about positive and negative results, simultaneously. When evaluating how this situation could be positive we look at the facts of how the body is being primed to respond. "The sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system is activated, increasing heat rate, blood pressure, and hormone levels" (Huffman Chapter3 Summary). The negative impact however, is in regards to the strain that is placed on the heart. If your fear gauge is too high or you're overly stressed then the chances of having a heart attack or heart palpitations resembling the symptoms of a heart attack can take place. A person could also hyperventilate or pass out from becoming overtly stressed. ...
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