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Organizational Design - Essay Example

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Daniel K. Zismer’s take on the impact on physicians of the organizational structure in integrated health systems. Applying the social learning theory of Julian Rotter, Dr. Zismer’s observed that an organizational structure will not be effective…

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Organizational Design

Situational and “psychological” factors may overshadow the first two determinants of this behavior in some circumstances.
The situational factor in this case is the new integrated health system. Practitioners in the health care industry know changes in the health care system are inevitable albeit it is still supposed to be directed towards the same goal; that is, providing efficient health care to all. However, they have reacted negatively to the change. Employing Rotter’s social learning theory, Zismer explained that the physicians in an integrated health system will determine if the changes are attainable and valuable to them. If this is variable is a yes, the physicians will manifest productive behavior. Unfortunately, the practitioners have come to the conclusion that the organizational structure is something which will control their performance, their income and their individual and unique approach to health care – the motivation behind their productive behavior. Because of these worries, they are now psychologically stressed. Zismer stated that an organizational structure can truly be beneficial to an organization. However, in this case, the organizational structure failed to satisfy the physician’s psychological needs. As a result, the group that is the most important part of the health care industry and serves as the lifeblood of the organizational structure is ineffective. The structure fails as a result.
Indeed, organizational design is an important aspect in every institution as it promotes order and efficiency. Nevertheless, the people behind future organizational designs should remember that the whole structure fails if one party of the team exhibits unproductive behavior. It would be prudent, therefore, to reflect on the impact of the design on each party involved so as to be able to create a structure that would encourage positive behavior among all participants.
Zismer, D.K. (2011 May/June). The Psychology of ...
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