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The Significance of Cross-Cultural Background on Belief in Astrology - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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The Significance of Cross-Cultural Background on Belief in Astrology s Institution’s Name Abstract Astrology is a deep-seated cultural phenomenon of global significance. Although astrology lacks a solid foundation in scientific evidence, and numerous controversies surround the superstitious concept, astrology is still widely popular among several world cultures…

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The Significance of Cross-Cultural Background on Belief in Astrology

The purpose of this paper is to explore the cross-cultural impacts on astrology, and determine whether culture has any significant impact on a person’s belief in astrology. CULTURAL BACKGROUND AND BELIEF IN ASTROLOGY Introduction Background Numerous studies claim that the existence of scientific validity to back the form of astrology common in the West is conspicuously absent. Moreover, sources purporting that there is empirical evidence to support the authenticity of astrology in the West lacks scientific verification. Because of this, the question as to why people still belief in astrology while reality indicates that there is no truth to it arouses enormous scientific curiosity. A possible approach to unraveling the enigma would be to examine the interplay of factors that define social inclinations that weigh on belief in astrology. In particular, there has been a considerably level of controversy with regard to belief in astrology and cultural backgrounds. Some previous studies have studied astrology and culture and reached intriguing conclusions. For example, Dambrun (2004) claimed a strong positive correlation between belief astrology and racial bigotry, sexism, and negative attitudes towards marginalized societal groupings. ...
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