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On the other hand, the personality test by Cosmopolitan also highlights the conscientiousness trait in which an individual tends to exhibit controlling behavior within a working environment and also focuses on the achievement of organizational behavior without necessarily relying on team work (Daft 100).
The third personality trait that the test brings out is the extraversion trait in which an individual tends to be sociable and highly talkative in terms of expressing their emotions (Daft 98). People with such a personality trait in a workplace tend to make a working environment to be conducive and friendly, hence influencing the need for having this trait presents. Essentially, this test allows those, take it to understand their career personality better by allowing them to know how the ways in which they interact with other people at the workplace tend to influence their job advancement possibilities.
In relation to the course, the personality test by Cosmopolitan magazine is an essential way for people to understand themselves and also help them to change the attitudes that they may possess that make unapproachable at the work place. Further, the test can help people change the way they interact with others as they may not be aware that the career personality that they may have tends to influence their career advancement possibilities.
After taking the test, the conclusion is that the test is a credible one as it measures the effect that personality traits to have over a person’s career and also explains why career opportunities have not been forthcoming for an individual with an undesirable personality. Based on the test, an individual can be able to make the necessary changes in their personality traits in order for them to interact with other people effectively. Additionally, the personality test also helps in influencing self-esteem among those that may feel demeaned at the work place as it restores ...
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The test portrays the various personality traits such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, and the extraversion within a workplace setting and how this these tend to affect a person’s career. In essence, agreeableness as a personal trait refers to the dimension in which an…
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