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Mediation Skills

The peculiarity of the mediation practices would demand from a person to show multicultural awareness: know and appreciate cultural differences of the parties involved. A person working in a sphere of cross-cultural mediation should realize that the ability to find a common language and to fully comprehend expectations and concerns of all parties is the main condition of meeting a success. Thereof, one should predict potential cultural barriers and other obstacles to be ready to overcome them. Moreover, knowing and being able to stick to ethical norms and moral standards of conduct also appears to be the must as well as the knowledge of foreign languages can be a substantial plus.
To my mind, I could be a kind of employee JAMS would be eager to hire, since I possess the needed qualities. First of all, I have cultural sensitivity and feel comfortable communicating with people from different backgrounds. ...
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A U.S. company specializing in cross-cultural mediation is JAMS (Judicial Arbitration and Mediations Services.Inc) It was founded in 1979 in Santa Anna, California, and today is considered a largest and one of the major organizations in the country that provide mediation services…
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