critique of articles written about Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

critique of articles written about Judaism, Islam, and Christianity Book Report/Review example
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Author Tutor Course Date Critique of article on Judaism In the article, Aran and Hassner notes that, throughout Jewish history, religious tradition possesses a dialectical relationship with violence. The article notes that Judaism is neither more nor less violent relative to any other religion.


The philosophy of non-violence possesses deep roots in Judaism; nevertheless, absolute non-violence is not an obligation of Judaism. Judaism strictly limits the employment of violence in which non-violence frequently becomes the only means of fulfilling a life of truth, peace and justice that Judaism perceives to be three tools for the preservation of the world. Jewish law does not allow any utilization of violence unless in self-defense, whereby any individual any raises a hand to harm another can be considered “evil.” Judaism is distinct in that it stipulates adherence to Jewish values even in times of war. The assertion that Judaism promotes violence is ironic given that Jewish people shaped the foundation of Western morality as espoused by the concept of sanctity of life, and absolute morality. Judaism fosters the values of respect of life, brotherhood, and freedom as demonstrated by the Universal laws of humanity. Jews remain obligated to act with mercy even in instances of drawing close to the battle. At the basis of these laws is the critical concept that there exists a God who values all people. Article on Islam Islam texts and doctrines have, in some cases, been linked to violence. In the article, Karen Armstrong notes that the evil carnage witnessed in 9/11 is not characteristic of Islam faith (par. 1). ...
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