Joseph J. Campbell 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces'

Joseph J. Campbell
Religion and Theology
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Many people ascribe the attainment of success to certain pathways. To an American lecturer, mythologist and writer Joseph J. Campbell there is no recanting of these pathways only that he is specific of them, as can be seen in his treatise The Hero with a Thousand Faces.


Campbell’s monomyth (also known as a hero’s journey) is an essential pattern that a person who is to become a hero must take, in order to become a hero. It is a matter of great interest that most people who are fit being regarded as hero, have led a life that is commensurate with Campbell’s monomyth and this includes the life, times and achievements of Martin Luther, the German monk, professor of theology, the head figure of the Great Reformation of the 16th century Christianity (Protestant Reformation) and former Catholic priest. This element of consistency between the two shall be seen in the discussion that ensues forthwith. According to Campbell, the first stage that the potential hero has to experience is the experiencing of the ordinary world. Herein, the individual becomes uncomfortable, unaware or uneasy as he is introduced to the audience, so as to identify with his situation or dilemma. The individual may be depicted against a background of personal history, heredity and environmental background. Particularly, there is a strong element of polarity in the life of the individual and thereby pulling him in different diametric directions, causing him stress.
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