Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, Christopher J. H. Wright

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament,  Christopher J. H. Wright Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
Religion and Theology
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Name Class Instructor’s Name Date I. Introduction While, an extensive range of literature which has been developed under the genre of biblical studies has influenced the readings of concerned individuals with regards to the subject matter, the scope of these texts has been deemed as rather limited and somewhat restricting by scholars who have advocated the adoption of a more comprehensive approach to understand the story of Jesus Christ.


The essence of the book lies in the author’s intention to enlighten his readers about the life, story and notion of Jesus by integrating an aspect of evaluation that has not been incorporated before by the scholars and writers of biblical study. The objective of this review is to explicate upon the writings of Christopher J. H. Wright in Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament by implementing a comprehensive and systematic approach to outline the primary premise of the text, the opinions and views of the author on the subject and the widespread theological issues and perspectives that have been recognized in the book. Furthermore, the book report also recommends the practical applications of Wright’s text with respect to a lay reader and suggests how the outlined opinions and perspectives of the book can be utilized for the purposes of bible study and interpretation. Moreover, the concluding arguments of the report highlight the crux of Wright’s text and the extent to which the writer has been successful in communicating the intended message to the audience. II. ...
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