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Christian thoughts and apologetics class - Essay Example


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Christian thoughts and apologetics class

The structure of the documentary consists of a plot in which Dawkins supports his propositions through dynamic visuals which apparently coincide in favour of his statements. As part of his persuasive demonstration to convince the audience of the validity of his arguments, he initiates with a view of terror, depicting in brief that murderous acts originate from a religious motivation to satisfy man’s highest ideal. Dawkins conducts interviews with pilgrims and ministers as well as present a comparative analysis of science and faith in which the scientist ascertains that, whether the faith is Christian or non-Christian in nature, it is impossible for both to be put or directed towards reconciliation as they are severely opposed to each other. a) Looking at the film objectively, where does it appear to be saying correct or useful things? Expound these aspects of the film, analyzing how the Christian church can learn from them. For one, the film occurs to have a sensible point at the stage in which Dawkins acknowledges group solidarity, being a wonderful reinforcement to the faith among believers. As evidenced by his presence in one of the major festive events of the Catholic church, a parade of Catholics carrying a cross with lit candles and singing a song of worship in a solemn manner as though one that preserves the tradition of a medieval ritual is such an illustrative presentation of truth on account of how a common belief manages to gather people whose thoughts at the moment can become

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Besides, in the law and order system, an accused person tends to have certain rights, and the right to be treated as a human with the appropriate extension of all the salient human rights tends to be the paramount legal right. Hence, it is imperative for the law and order machinery to look to it that no accused is forcibly and illegally coerced to make a statement or extend a statement that goes against one in the court of law.
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Response Paper on On Being an Atheist, by H. J. McCloskey From a Christian Viewpoint
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unified into a single hope of achieving the fruits of faith. Moreover, it seems reasonable to understand the non-believer perspective of Dawkins considering that of the 80,000 men and women under different ages who attend the annual pilgrimage to a shrine known for its miraculous work, only 66 were officially documented miracles. By statistical assessment, this too negligible figure may then be found to project a weak level of confidence s it attempts to represent some millions of visit count over the years. Eventually, it should be a ground for the Christian church to take an action that would enable non-believers to discern the real essence of faith despite insufficient concrete instances of spiritual outcomes. b) Where is the film weakest in argumentation? Be thorough in your discussion here. Use the apologetics tools as a way of engaging incorrect or illogical points made by the film. At the early portion of “The Root of All Evil”, Dawkins expresses “I think the idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the universe.” Dawkins readily dismisses the notion of God as he proceeds to explicate Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Allegorically, he utilizes the fictitious ‘Mountain Probable’ to illustrate the logic behind Darwin’s concept that man’s evolution from ‘primeval simplicity to ultimate complexity’ transpired with steady yet slow progress, similar to mountain climbing where the foot of the slope is a metaphor of bacterial beginnings. Alongside this statement, however, the supposition that, based on the Bible, God created human beings on the 6th day of creation is juxtaposed for contrast and to Dawkins’


Complete Critical Response to “The Root of All Evil” by Richard Dawkins Describe in 2-3 paragraphs the basic plotline/structure/argument of the film. On substantiating his documentary of “The Root of All Evil”, atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins explored some of the prominent centers of religious faith in England, America, and Israel…
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Christian thoughts and apologetics class essay example
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