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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Definition of the problem in depth Euthanasia is a word that originates from a Greek word, which means good death. The Canadian Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide defined the term euthanasia as the act undertaken deliberately by an individual to intentionally take the life of another person with the aim of relieving them from the pain they are feeling and thus leading to their death (Senate of Canada, 1995).


For example, a doctor who decides to give a lethal injection to his patient who had given him the advance directive not to hasten his death and is now unconscious suffers his/her final stages of an illness that is terminal. There are times when the terms used in defining euthanasia bring about confusion or not clear like the use of the word “mercy killing” in describing non-voluntary and voluntary euthanasia situations. Countries like European and most especially Netherlands, the major differences between euthanasia, homicide, suicide, and suicides that are assisted are clear. In Canada and the United States, suicide assisted deaths and suicide assisted by physicians are confusing many people when used. Assisted suicide is when the acts of killing an individual are intentional. The word assisted has been added to mean that there is an individual who is providing assistance in the suicide act hence supplies the means like lethal medication prescription or gun, the specific knowledge on how to induce the medicine or use the gun appropriately, or both means and knowledge. ...
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