Abraham: Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths

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Religion and Theology
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In the book “Abraham: Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths”, the author Bruce Feiler attempts to provide extensive details regarding Abraham who is considered to be history’s first monotheist.


In all these parts, the author attempts to provide the readers with extensive insight regarding Abraham and his significance in the three most dominant religions in the world, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the part ‘Children of Abraham’ there are three separate chapters for each of these religions that provide comprehensive detail to the reader regarding the relation of Abraham with each of these religions. One of the strong points of the author is the clarity of his pose and his straightforwardness. The combination of words and the sentence structure used in the book makes the reader be amazed by both; the information being provided by the author and the way in which it is provided. The following paper includes a summary of all the parts of the book along with the critical analysis of the chapters. Rock of Abraham This part of book consists of one chapter called ‘Home’. The author starts the book by describing how individuals belonging to the three religions initially move together in one direction in Jerusalem and after reaching a point, they divide and move in different directions. Following is an excerpt from the book: “Christians turn north. Today is the last Friday before Christmas, and this afternoon monks will lead a somber procession carrying crosses down the Via Dolorosa. Jews turn south. ...
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