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The Effects that the Institution of Slavery Had on the Atlantic Civilization (name) (subject) (professor) (date) Introduction The Atlantic civilization, or the Atlantic world, refers to the world that resulted from the “convergence in the Atlantic basin of Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans in the wake of Columbus’ 1492 passage to the ‘New World’”.


It is only knowledge from these primary sources that can possibly give us reliable evidence on the effects of slavery on the Atlantic civilization. The Flourishing of the Slave Trade The first effect of the slave trade on the Atlantic world was the expansion of the trade itself. Much of the information concerning this was exposed through the publication of the journals of John Barbot, a French Royal African Company agent who made voyages from the West Coast of Africa back to the Atlantic world, two of these documented in 1678 and 1682. Based on the Slave Trade documents by John Barbot, which were published in 1732, it was rather easy to obtain slaves from Africa because “in times of dearth and famine, abundance of those people will sell themselves, for a maintenance, and to prevent starving”. Moreover, according to John Barbot, the main consequence of the great supply of slaves from Africa going to the Atlantic civilization is the lesser demand for them and more importantly, the cruelty and inhumane treatment that is afforded these slaves. According to John Barbot, the masters of these slaves “subsist them poorly and beat them inhumanly”. ...
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