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Topics in Shinto: love of nature, love of country, purity, and fertility

Consequently, followers of Shinto worship kami; which mean god, spiritual presences, or nature spirits. In addition, the name Shinto originated from Chinese words “shin tao” meaning the way of life of the Kami people within the 8 century (Breen & Teeuwen 217). Thus, Shinto established itself as an official Japanese language together with Buddhism. It is different from other existing religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. This occurs since Shinto does not have a real founder, written scriptures, religious doctrines, or laws. Consequently, it has a loosely organized priesthood unlike other religions. Shinto has four themes or affirmations that play a crucial role in its existence, practice, as well as teachings. Apart from expecting one to lead a simple as well as harmonious life with people and nature, Shinto lacks commandments or doctrines for its followers. The four affirmations or themes include great reverence and love for nature, love for country, purity, and fertility. Each of the themes constitutes major pillars of Shinto and should be observed by everyone practicing the religion. Love of nature The Shinto believes in sacredness of nature, and thus a person in contact with natural objects is close to the gods. ...Show more


Name Professor Course Date Shinto: love of nature, love of country, purity, and fertility Religion is an important aspect of any society since ancient times. Each cultural group practiced different forms of religions, thus believed in existence of gods. Shinto is an ancient and native religion found in Japan with a literal meaning of “the way of the gods” (Breen & Teeuwen 211)…
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