Black Theology and Sexual Theology

Black Theology and Sexual Theology Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Submission Date Black Theology and Sexual Theology Introduction The United State’s history is one filled with challenges in racial differences in most of country’s undertakings. Discrimination reigned from politics to trade, religion, and even settlements.


Religions also differed between blacks and whites, which led to differences in beliefs. This essay discusses Black Theology of Liberation and Sexual Theology in America, and how different scholars approach them. 1. Black Theology Roots in Slave religion During the slave trade, African slaves sold to America did not leave their religion back, but instead came with it to the United States. However, their white masters mostly in North America denied them the freedom to practice it openly because they that Africans used their religion to rebel against the slave trade. However, Africans continued practicing their religion in music, their speech patterns, dance, and thought (Hopkins 17). At first, slaves did not access information about Christianity, but later white missionaries persuaded slave masters to believe that Christianity makes the slaves obedient to them. After the introduction of Christianity to blacks, their conversion to Christianity differed with that of their masters. They believed that their worship could not be the same as that of their owners given their differences in life. Blacks thought that though they might have used the same words to sing or preach, they could not mean the same to them and their owners because of their social and political realities. ...
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