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Black Theology and Sexual Theology

The author concludes that the study of black theology brings a clear indication of the power of the cross that King relates to blacks fight for freedom in America. Although death on the lynching tree acted as punishment to those rebelling against white rule, Jesus’ death on the cross acted as liberation from oppression, giving hope and love to those who have faith in Him. The relationship between Christian’s bearing the cross and social justice work contributes a lot to African American’s fight for freedom. Black Christians felt the redemptive power of the cross, and pleaded Jesus to keep them near the cross in a song. Understanding theology and religion by the blacks helped them understand the power of the cross in redemption, and applied redemptive power in the fight for their freedom. Understanding sexual theology has proved difficult among theologians given the differences among them. Many churches do not consider sexuality in their teachings, and thus fail to understand the power of sexuality in human life. Different theologies like Althaus-Reid’s indecent and queer theologies aim at fighting heterosexism and other related theologies existing in some Christian churches. Theologians who aimed at liberating people from oppression risked their lives, but nowadays churches do not even consider the price these theologians paid. Thus, the role of uncovering sexuality issues in churches needs a strong contribution of the church faithful in order to end racial, sexual, gender and cultural discrimination in the society. ...
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The researcher of this descriptive essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of Black Theology of Liberation and Sexual Theology in America, and how different scholars approach them. The author tells about difference in religions, which led to differences in beliefs…
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