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Many scholars think “Q” is important since they believe that the similarity was not coincidental and that it came from divine inspiration. H) The gospel of Matthew written by a Jewish scribe, however, some people believe that the book written by Mathew. It’s estimated that the book written in the 60’s. The purpose was to show that Jesus was the Messianic king. The gospel of the mark was written by peters interpreter. Some scholars believe the author was peters secretary. It is estimated that the book was written in the late 50s or early 60s. The purpose of the book was to show that Jesus was the Messianic servant. The book narrates the life of Jesus from when he baptized to his resurrection. The book of Luke written was by a gentile Christian in the 60 AD. The purpose was to show that Jesus is the universal savior. The book contains details of the events of the life of Jesus from birth to his ascension. I) The book of Acts was written by Luke. J) The basic pattern of the narrative structure within the book of Acts is paradigmatic. K) The book of Acts was written around the 62-70 AD. The book is believed to be written by Luke who was a gentile. The book was written to Theophilus. The word Theophilus means the one who loves the God. Therefore, the book was written for anyone who loves God (Rock and Anna 64). The main theme in this book is the significance of the Holy Spirit. L) Peter was one of Jesus disciples who denied Jesus three times. M) Paul was a follower of Jesus who preached the gospel to all nations. N) John was a disciple of Jesus. O) The gospel according to John was written to prove that Jesus was the son of God. The book was written by John the son of Zebedee. It was written around 85-90 AD. The book was written for the new believers and seekers. The main theme in the book of John is the revelation of God to man. P) Jesus turned water into wine, healed the noble man’s son, healed the man at the pool, fed the 5000, walked on water, healed the blind man and raised the dead. These were important to show that he was the son of God. Q) An epistle is a letter that was written to a person or a group of people. R) Who wrote the epistle? Who was the epistle addressed to? S) The book was written by Paul to the Galatians. It was written about 49 AD. The main theme is about faith and that people should believe in Jesus so to be accepted into the kingdom of God. The book was written to rubbish the claims of Judaizers who believed that Christians should follow the Jewish laws. Question 2 A) This one of the most popular Bible verses in the world. The verse shows the love that God has for humankind. That is why God sacrificed his only son. The verse also goes on to say that whoever will believe in the son of God will have eternal life. It, therefore, promises eternal life to the people who will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. B) This verse is all about love. It speaks of the importance of love in the church. Loving one another is not optional but it is a command from God (Rock and Anna 89). It also stresses on the importance of loving one another regardless of whether one is a Christian or not. We all should love one another. C) The verse goes to show that Jesus performed many miracles that are not documented in the bible. The miracles go to show that Jesus is the son of God. This is the main purpose why the book of John was written to show that indeed Jesus is the son of God. D) Faith brings Christians together and in the eyes of Jesus we are one ...Show more


number Date Question 1 A) The romans, the Herodian kingdom and Byzantine rule. B) The Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Essenes. The Sadducees and Pharisees were the ruling class in Israel who were in constant conflict with Jesus…
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