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The Challenges of Being a Follower of Christ Today Introduction In the writings by Barron, he stated that the Catholic Church’s social teaching are mainly presented in seven key themes that include sanctity of human life and dignity of the person, call to family, community, and participation and the pursuit of the common good, and rights and responsibilities of a person in the social justice context.


However, considering that, the themes were developed during the Biblical ages they do not take into consideration the current social life in the world and hence it becomes challenging when seeking to apply these social teachings in the current social life context. In light of the Catholic Church’s social teaching, this essay will discuss the challenges of being a true follower of Christ in today’s world. Follower of Christ It is important to establish first the meaning of a Christ follower and in the studies conducted by Barron; he defined a Christ follower as a person who follows the teaching that were issued by Jesus Christ the Son of God2. Challenges of being a follower of Christ today From the definition given above on who is a Christ follower, it can be stated that the first challenge that presents itself stems from the fact that the definition of a follower of Christ was devised during the biblical ages. This presents itself as a challenge since it might not reflect the perception or common knowledge that people presently have on who is a true follower of Christ, more so because of the emergence of numerous types of Churches that subscribe to different beliefs. ...
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