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Name Course Instructor Date Mythological exemplar: The Hero’s Quest Theory and the Trickster Theory Mythological theories still feature prominently in modern day studies. This essay focuses on the hero’s quest theory and the trickster theory, and seeks to show their prominence in modern day life by applying their concepts to an exemplar.


The hero then returns with the power to bestow boons on fellow humans. This theory follows seventeen stages that can be grouped into three major sections: departure, initiation and return. In the departure stage, the hero leads an ordinary life when the person receives a call to head into the unknown, a stage called ‘The Call to Adventure’. The hero may at first refuse to embrace the journey due to fear or inadequacy, but finally sets off. A guide usually appears to provide wisdom to the hero (Campbell 23). This leads to the ‘Crossing of the First Threshold’ where the hero actually crosses into the new realm, abandoning his former life. This threshold is sometimes guarded by being to defend the entrance. On crossing, the hero experiences final separation from his past life (Belly of the Whale). The initiation is the second stage. The first part in this section is the ‘Road of Trials’, consisting of a series of tests to be accomplished. The hero may fail some of these trials and is often aided by a benign supernatural power. During the journey, the hero may meet a person that he or she loves, a stage known as ‘The Meeting with the Goddess’. The goddess represents unconditional love and friendship. ...
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