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Critical Book Review Name Date Course Professor Date The discussion on the ability of human soul to continue existing after the death of the body has been going on for years based on the explanations of various religious and philosophical explorations. Reincarnation and karma are part of this explanation that shows the soul as being able to move from one form to another across periods in history, cultures and beings.


This essay presents a critical review of Many Lives, Many Masters in order to investigate the area of reincarnation as explored by Dr. Weiss through his session with his patient Catharine. The covers some of the proofs presented by doctor Weiss in order to confirm his changed beliefs on reincarnation followed by an analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of the authors argument before making suggestions on future investigations into the area and ending with a brief conclusion. This book by Weiss (1988) shades more light in the area that has garnered widespread discussion thorough his sessions with a 27 year old Catherine during the 1980 as he seeks assist her overcome her deep-seated anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. As a graduate from the Yale University School of Medicine where he also went through his residency in psychiatry in addition to serving as Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist trained in the scientific methods of dealing with psychological problems that his patients present during his sessions. ...
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