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Is the catholic church the continuation of the imperial SPQR - Essay Example


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Is the catholic church the continuation of the imperial SPQR

The history of Roman Empire is defined by a series of tumultuous events including dictatorship and unrests, but with authoritarian democracy that defines the principle that the Roman Empire was formulated (Bokenkotter 200). Notably, during these chaos, turmoil, totalitarianism, dictatorship, and monarchies, the SPQR emerged as the few groups that establish and embraced value based society. The SPQR introduced principles that valued and maintained human dignity the same way Roman Catholic did and has maintained; therefore, SPQR principles may be regarded as the principles that Roman Catholic relate, advocate, and protect human rights. Some of the principles that were advocated and supported by SPQR that are currently defining the Roman Catholic include the freedom of expression. At some point in Roman Empire deterioration of human values and neglect of the societal principles, the empire also interfered, shattered, and hindered or eradicated freedom of expression. However, the emergent of SPQR advocated for such freedom without favors. It advocated that people should be allowed to express their opinions either in speech, writing, and or art without fear or any risk. Notably, the Roman Catholic has since advocated for the same freedom of speech and expression right from its advent to the modern world and governments. Additionally, in the freedom of expression the SPQR also wanted a democratic nation were people expression their opinions as individuals. Under leadership of SPQR managers, the

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Imperator Marc Antony needed a streamlined action and decision making that they hinted that would be attained through voting. According to SPQR, voting was a perfect means of arriving to quick decisions. Other than Roman Catholic supporting and advocating for democratic voting in all parts of the world, the leadership of this religion is also influenced by voting. In other words, voting is also practiced as means of quick decision with Roman Catholic leadership (Bokenkotter 195). In all cases and all time, Roman Catholic elects its leaders including the top influential papas or popes through voting. Just like SPQR, the Roman Catholic regards voting as a democratic exercise that makes people makes certain vital decisions in life. Therefore, the historic fall and decline of the Roman Empire lead to the emergence of SPQR and subsequent western civilization. According to historian Edward Gibbon, the Roman Empire’s fall and decline was succumbed by the inversions of barbarian that was contributed largely with the gradual degradation civic virtue of Roman Empire to its citizens. The civic virtues are considered are the important virtues that lead to a successful community or society. Moreover, the civic virtues were considered to be vital in shaping political philosophy; therefore, SPQR advocated for civility that Roman Empire deviated from. The SPQR wanted the people or individuals, groups, and society to act and live in accordance with the principles of civil society since it regarded these principles as fundamental for the society and law. Notably, the Roman Catholic advocated for the same ways life and tries to influence people and societies to embrace these principles. Moreover, it should be noted that Roman Catholic is using its religious platform as means of civilizing its followers and the entire society on the values and importance of society that value its virtues. Additionally, as SPQR targeted the governments under Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic targets all the governments and authorities in the world’s leadership. Notably, the SPQR was regarded as the voice of the people that


The SPQR is an abbreviation of “Senatus Populusque RomanusI” that is known as the Roman Empire that is also known as “the senate and people of Rome” Its principle and nature of governance, the Roman Catholic is largely a continuation of SPQR principles and governance…
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Is the catholic church the continuation of the imperial SPQR essay example
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