Juergensmeyers Holy Orders: Opposition to Modern States: A Critique

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Religion and Theology
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In the article of Mark Juergensmeyer (2004) entitled "Holy Orders: Opposition to Modern States", he mentioned that religious warfare is difficult to address because, in almost every recent case of religious violence, concepts of cosmic war have been accompanied by claims of moral justification.


The rewards for those who fight for the cause are trans-temporal, and the timelines of their struggles are vast. Most social and political struggles look for conclusions within the lifetimes of their participants, but religious struggles can take generations to succeed.
Before the latest London mass transit incidents this year, Prime Minister Tony Blair had called for a united effort to rid the world of Islamic extremists who are preaching murderous hatred and open warfare against civilization as we know it. As Blair knows, this is what President Bush has been trying to do. But Bush and Blair, too, have been hiding some information of what goes around the fact that this really is a religious war, with the adherents of radical Islam as the enemy. Islamic fundamentalists have hijacked the Muslim religion and, with state sanction from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, teach their brand of "holy war" to thousands if not millions of followers. Is it really about religion or is it just politics jacked up in the wrong place
Attacked by widespread international criticism and even condemnation for actions ranging from the Vietnam War to aid for Israel and support of globalization, the United States have gained the ire of religious extremists. The nation's superpower status and decadent image only intensifies the disapproval. ...
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