Religion and Theology
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From Jesus Christ to Martin Luther to Malcolm X, today's world is built upon the martyrdom of those brazen enough to want to change it. Che Guevara and Martin Luther King, Jr. All of these men have worked as catalysts in terms of their own desire, whether it be religion, social change, and racial equality.


i. May 4, 1970 was a typical day for many Kent State students getting ready for a revolution. With the Vietnam War going poorly overseas and many students waiting for morbid news of family and friends currently serving, one can understand the social climate and, perhaps, why the national guard was called to settle the 1000 unarmed student protesters on this Ohio campus of 21,000 (Payne). The students were not especially concerned for their safety. It was, after all, a nonviolent protest and "there was no logical reason [for the national guardsmen] to aim or shoot"(Canfora). It is easy to assume that many students were there simply as an excuse to stay out of class, while others were voyeurs, watching the events unfold, warming benches. It is most interesting to hear how the actions of the United States National Guard appeared to eye witnesses. ...
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