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E-marketing business plan 1.0 Introduction In order to boost its growth, the company aims at expanding the diversity of its products by launching a new brand come January 2012. Upon its launch, the brand will be exclusively operational in UK though there is a room for expansion of its active operation in Europe in future.


The plan also gives an overview of the company competitors, market analysis and methods of measuring the success of the brand. Finally, recommendations on what the company can employ in order to ensure the success of the brand come the year 2013 are given at the end. 3.0 Company summary The company was formed basically as a clothing company meant to reach out to upper income class of people. This has made the company to have a range of products that are expensive and as a result, it has had a limited but profitable market share. The company sells clothing of both sexes mainly jackets, men and lady suits as well as travel bags. Despite the tough market competition, the company has maintained a steady flow of income compared to companies with similar operations. Over the past few years, the company has been experiencing fast growth in sales and market. However, it will be worth for the company to extend its operation to the middle income group of people. The company has its own outlets which supply products to wholesalers and retailers. In terms of E-business, the company has developed a site for purposes of online purchases. In this site, customers get a clear description of the company products available, their prices and delivery details. ...
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