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King David Introduction King David is one of the most prominent figures in the history of ancient Israeli Kingdom, and he was indeed a national heritage. David was a shepherd boy with a humble beginning and a heart that was always seeking after his creator.


David was a youthful military leader prior to his kingship. His leadership would liberate Israel from the cold hearted culture developed by the first king that Israelites had chosen to lead them in rebellion, because they could not hold and wait for God’s purpose and timing. According to the bible, David was a King that at times experienced failure in his humanity, yet as told he still sought God with his whole heart. However, today there are those that would say that David’s Kingdom and David were indeed Israel’s imagination and a legendary military hero that never existed in the actual sense. Liberal critical consensus about David has long been that he was a legendary figure in the history of Israel. There are scholars that often stress that the stories on King David are mere embellishments of a national hero whose existence is not in history is not certain (Huyck, 1). For example, Kyle McCarter states that: “The Bible is our only source of information about David.  No ancient inscription mentions him.  No archaeological discovery can be securely linked to him. . . ...
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