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Exegetical paper on Exodus

Over history, different cultures undertook this endeavor using different modes. In the Ancient Near East this mode was called a covenant. While there is some argument whether the stipulations of Exodus 20 forms a covenant which has it’s origins from the Hittites or Mesopotamia itself, it is sufficient for the moment to know that a covenant was the basis of understanding requirements made of a person or a community, A Hittite covenant in the Ancient Near East had the following components. A preamble with the historical summary. This was followed by stipulations and a copy deposited in a secure place for referral and for public reading if needed. A list of witnesses ensued next and was generally the gods they believed in, with the conclusion being and equation of blessings and curses for the adherence and the severance of the covenant. While covenants changed from community to community and the there are differences even amongst the covenants of the Old Testament, it is sufficient to know that this was Gods commands for his community constituting his law. “The covenant then constitutes the heart of God’s special revelation….”(Douglas & Tenney, 1984, p 238) for community building. ...
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Exodus 20:1-17 is the revelation of God specifying how Israel should worship, work and walk. Written in covenant forms known in the Ancient Near East it placed and individual and collective responsibility of being a community of God who has already been redeemed by him and brought into a promise of blessing…
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