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Report on the Degree of Religiousness of Human Beings

The first principle seems to be understood and known by the vast majority of people: their life is an inalienable right and on the other hand, they cannot take somebody else’ s life away. There are many instances, however, in which human beings forget about this principle and commit suicides or murders, get involved in terrorist attacks and do abominable acts. People have also designed laws which encourage abortion which is not seen as a crime as “it destroys only a collection of cells, which could not survive outside the womb before the 24th week of the pregnancy”( Jordan 24). This shows that many humans do not believe in the existence of the human soul right from the moment of conception but only after birth. As a consequence, there are less frequent the cases in which mothers kill their newly-born babies. Quite paradoxically, a very large majority believe in the soul’s immortality as once a person is buried the living family asks a priest to perform ceremonies in order to enable an easy passage of the soul in the afterlife although that person was not a fervent believer in the religious principles.
Getting to know one’s deity is surely the first step towards knowing yourself. There are many churches, synagogues, mosques which are full of crowds of believers but at the same time they are significantly outnumbered by those who show no concern for their spiritual life. In terms of figures, H. Byrne states that according to the study Unchanged Americans made by George Gallup in 1978 “at least 61 million American adults were not members of any church” . Another concerning finding was that “many Americans did not think church membership and attendance were important in being Christian” (11). ...
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The present report is mean to offer insight into the subject of religiousness understood as from the perspective of three major criteria on which I shall focus and which basically embody the meaning of religiousness for all human beings, regardless of their race, gender or nationality. …
Author : demarioauer
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