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Authority and Sources in Christian Ethics

This will act as an essential guide to many other lives. The life of discipleship is governed by aims of the overall salvation of many other lives. The scriptures state that it is essential for disciples to follow ethics to ensure that they have attracted others to join the faith (Scharen, p 12). The life of discipleship ensures that a Christian follows the dictates of the scriptures. The Bible is a true representation of the needs and wants of the scriptures. In many instances, a Christian is guided by the stipulations of the Bible. In relation to ethical situations, all the three authors insist that there is a deep salvation and relaxation that is brought by constant reference to the Bible. They have given a very good example of the persecution of the Jews by the Nazi’s during Hitler’s era. There were very many Christians from all faiths that were boxed into a corner. Whatever action that they took in helping the victims of the Holocaust determined their level and uprightness as Christians. A Christian who is a selfless disciple of Christ will do anything to ensure that he or she can save a life. This is because this is exactly what Jesus would have done. So the true Christians in the above context were those that were willing to do anything to save their victims. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Authority and Sources in Christian Ethics In Kingdom ethics, the authors describe ethics as a very essential part of day to day life. Ethics determine what should be done in many instances and situations. This is with the overall ability to ensure that one lives within set predetermined ways…
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