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The Richness of Spiritual Companionship

Being with friends and family members is a gone commodity since our lives are so much on the move. We are busy with the different undertakings of our lives in a manner which asks us to devote our time to nothing else but our commitments. We have lost the essence of imparting time to the ones who are close to us, the ones who are in trouble and need and the ones to whom we owe our love and gratitude. When it comes to religion, we have lost the path on which our forgiveness is destined (Hannabuss, 2011). We seem to part ways with virtuous acts and fall time and again on the road which leads us towards evil and wickedness. Spiritual compassion therefore is one aspect that comes from understanding how one interacts with the other individual and what kind of feelings, emotions and sentiments are being displayed at the best of times. This suggests the basis of his growth and development with regards to the society as a whole and the universe in essence. There is compassion happening across the board which remains a very quintessential factor nonetheless (Marques, 2011). ...
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In the times much like today, spiritual understandings are derived from an individual’s own perspectives. He is the best judge to find out where he is headed and what kind of beliefs would provide him solace in entirety…
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