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Source Criticism and Narrative Criticism of Genesis

According to Carvalho, “source criticism looks for evidence that an author has used written sources in the production of a new text. It does this by looking at repetitions, changes in style, variations in vocabulary, and other such evidence that would result from an author combining previously written sources to create a new text” (3). Evidences that Pentateuch is not written by a single author (source criticism) Carvalho in her  Primer on Biblical Methods (4) cited one source inconsistency in Genesis where in Genesis 6:3, God limits human life to 120 years, but Abraham lives to 175 (Gen 25:17) and Sarah to 127 (Gen 23:1). This inconsistency however is not just limited to age but even on the Name of the Supreme Being Himself suggesting that there were different mindsets with a different parallel universe wrote the Genesis. In Genesis 1:12:4b, the Supreme Being was addressed as Elohim whereas in Genesis 2:4b-3:24, the Supreme Being was addressed as YHWH. The same God is called with different names. ...
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Source Criticism and Narrative Criticism of Genesis I. Introduction It is important to note that by tradition, the Pentateuch, of which Genesis was among them, was considered to be written by Moses alone, hence it was also called as the Book of Moses. The inconsistencies in the Genesis however, which includes duplication of text, different writing style, anachronism and usage of varying terms in the Genesis among them, led scholars to investigate both the source and narratives of Genesis…
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