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Association of Islam with violence in the West

Previously preaching from Mecca, where he faced persecution, he fled with his followers to Medina. It is in this city that religious conflicts between Muslims and Christians began (Juergensmeyer 13). He fought with the Jews and conquered them. He succeeded in uniting the tribes of Arabia but finally died at the age of 62 in the year 632. After his death, succession disputes broke giving rise to schism in Islam which culminated to the formation of the two Islamic groups. The Islamic religion expanded both by virtual of conquest and peaceful means. Trade was a major expansion tool. Muslims invaded Sub-Saharan West Africa and China for trade and virtually dominated the export-import industry and with it, came the spread of Islam. Its unique cultural style began to diversify and with it people converted to the religion. The ultimate result is the association of Islam with eminent violence (Juergensmeyer 13). Study findings and discussions Argued from all sides and delinking the fact from ones religion, the assertion that Islam religion is violent is partly true and partly false. There is no clear consensus on the nature of Islam religion. ...
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Today in the public opinion, Islam tends to be associated with violence, particularly in the West. Based on your understanding of the Islamic experience, from its early days to the present, do you agree with this association? " Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Introduction For us to understand the genesis of the current view of Islam as violent religion, it is imperative to explore its history and teachings based on Quran’s assertions on violence…
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