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Association of Islam with violence in the West - Term Paper Example

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Association of Islam with violence in the West

Previously preaching from Mecca, where he faced persecution, he fled with his followers to Medina. It is in this city that religious conflicts between Muslims and Christians began (Juergensmeyer 13). He fought with the Jews and conquered them. He succeeded in uniting the tribes of Arabia but finally died at the age of 62 in the year 632. After his death, succession disputes broke giving rise to schism in Islam which culminated to the formation of the two Islamic groups. The Islamic religion expanded both by virtual of conquest and peaceful means. Trade was a major expansion tool. Muslims invaded Sub-Saharan West Africa and China for trade and virtually dominated the export-import industry and with it, came the spread of Islam. Its unique cultural style began to diversify and with it people converted to the religion. The ultimate result is the association of Islam with eminent violence (Juergensmeyer 13). Study findings and discussions Argued from all sides and delinking the fact from ones religion, the assertion that Islam religion is violent is partly true and partly false. There is no clear consensus on the nature of Islam religion. Although violence is prevalent in almost the whole world involving many religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, the world associates Islamic religion with violence more than any other religion. Historical events like conquering of Spain by Muslims, Christian crusades started by Christians and the Ottoman domination of Eastern Europe showcase Islamic relation to force and power. Recent violent movements in the Middle East which are advanced in the name of Islam and efforts to resolve conflicts and conditions created by the West in trying to force Western ideas in the Muslim have merely served to reinforce the view that Islam is a violent religion (Wilkinson 20). It is evident that though Westerners have created this notion historically, Islam has had no more conflicts than any other western civilization. Violence by all means takes different forms and definitions based on the prevailing situation and environment. According to Islam, force is to be found everywhere in humans and the environment. Violence in Islamic teachings is only used in accordance with the divine law. Use of force can only be applied if equilibrium is to be maintained. Restoration of a broken equilibrium is accepted as a necessary means of maintaining a just system. Excessive use of force creates a disequilibrium and disorder resulting to more injustice. In fact, excessive use of force depends on circumstances but with the aim of establishing equilibrium and not to fulfill individuals’ interests or for sectarian reasons (Rapoport 659). Although Islam has endured a lot of invasions and attacks, peace is still felt in areas where traditional Islamic teachings are maintained. Islam is opposed to the use of force on the basis of inflicting injuries except in war and executing punishments according to the Sharia law. Islamic law protects the rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims and is opposed to the use of force against other people’s rights. If the violation of people’s rights occurs then that is against the Islamic teachings. Regardless of the various negative economic, social and sectarian factors ...Show more


Today in the public opinion, Islam tends to be associated with violence, particularly in the West. Based on your understanding of the Islamic experience, from its early days to the present, do you agree with this association? " Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Introduction For us to understand the genesis of the current view of Islam as violent religion, it is imperative to explore its history and teachings based on Quran’s assertions on violence…
Author : dedrick27
Association of Islam with violence in the West
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