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Jesus Christ though a deity was indeed human. He was conceived of a woman, Mary and “born through a virgin birth” (Elwell, 219). He was fathered by Joseph the carpenter and was circumcised on the eighth day per the Jewish culture.


In accordance with the Jewish norm, Jesus went to Jerusalem with His parents and siblings for the annual festivals and offerings. He was baptized in much water by John the Baptist in River Jordan. Before going into full fledged ministry, He sat in the temple with the elders and argued from the scripture. The bible declares that he grew in wisdom and stature and found favor with man and God. In the course of His ministry, He traversed many nations preaching the gospel and healing the sick. He ate with His disciples and went through temptations just like any other human did. The bible records that He “learnt obedience through what He suffered” (Elwell, 240). He was betrayed by Judas, crucified and was buried in human form. Jesus was also deity thereby prompting Him to assert that Him and the Father are one. Elwell researched and found that most Christians pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (244). On His last day, He prayed that the Father’s will be done. Elwell confirms that this was after confirming to the disciples that He would not leave them alone when He was gone, but would send them a helper, the Holy Spirit who would tell them all the will of God. This confirms that Christ is deity (583). Jesus was man and God at the same time. The word of God which was God Himself became flesh and dwelt amongst men. ...
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