Hinduism, the Religion as portrayed in Bollywood Cinema

Hinduism, the Religion as portrayed in Bollywood Cinema Essay example
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In the book, “Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema”, Rachel Dwyer has dealt with a specific aspect of Indian films. The author has attempted to describe how Indian cinema has portrayed the Hindu religion on the big screen.


The author has classified these feature films into four main categories: mythological films, devotional films, Islamic films and the films propagating religious and secular ideals. She has then discussed the characteristic features of each of these categories of cinema under different chapters of the book.
According to Dwyer, the Hindu religion in India has always had a strong relationship with the various forms of the artistic expressions. Much before the medium of films came into existence, the traditional forms of the Indian media such as “drama, poetry, music, dance, painting etc.” have been found to be replete with depiction of Hindu religious practices. This proves that, right from the ancient times, Indian religion has had a significant influence on the different forms of the country’s art. The medium of cinema was no exception to this rule, and the all-encompassing impact of India’s religious culture paved the way for the regular portrayal of the religious practices on the large screen. That is why, Dwyer has considered it important to study the mutual relationship between the Indian religion and the medium of films. In her work she has evaluated the methods in which the medium of cinema has influenced the religious practices in India. She has also tried to determine whether Indian films have portrayed the religious rituals in their true form or have modified them while exhibiting these practices to a larger audience. (Dwyer, 2) ...
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