Did Jesus Claim to be God? Essay example
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Topic: Did Jesus claim to be god? did Jesus need to be born of a virgin? does the Bible have authority? Introduction The Christianity is the most popular religion in the world and one of the oldest in the world history. Christians are the followers of the teaching of Jesus and live according to the principles of Jesus.


He was of divine origin, unlike common men, and had some qualities similar to those of God. His teachings and parables are elaborated in the Holy book Bible, which is very ancient. The authority of Bible is not very credible as it has been revised and altered by many people throughout history. Since there is no clear evidence and proof as for the writings of Bible, it cannot be authenticated completely. Did Jesus claim to be God? Jesus never claimed to be God, but he consistently proclaimed that his father was Almighty God. He explained to people that he was the servant of the Lord and loved him at his utmost. He does equate himself with God but does not claim to be God. Jesus never said that Joseph was his father, but pointed to God being his father. This is not necessarily because he is the son of God in reality, but it is because of the divine connection he shared with God. He loved God with pure heart and perceived divinity in everything he thought and acted. His life was completely dedicated to God and the living of life according to God’s will. By comparing himself with God, Jesus was attempting to get closer with his creator. Jesus worshiped God intensely and, if he were God, he would not have attempted to this act of praying. God does not need to pray to God, as this is illogical. ...
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