Compare and contrast the African idea of the High God with that of Native American religions. In what ways has this idea of a High God both made Native Americans and Africans open to conversion to Christianity and/or Islam and resistant to it? - Essay Example

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Compare and contrast the African idea of the High God with that of Native American religions. In what ways has this idea of a High God both made Native Americans and Africans open to conversion to Christianity and/or Islam and resistant to it?

This essay will therefore analyze the similarities and differences between Native American and African religions in terms of the idea high god. The essay also examines the role of the existence of high god in both religions in conversion to Muslim and Christianity.
The concept of animism was common in both Native American and African religion. Animism is the belief, that natural phenomenon or objects such as the sun, moon or lightening contain souls and that they influence our lives. Both Native Americans and Africans worshiped objects in the universe such as the moon and sun (Neusner 87). In addition, both societies believed that some physical phenomenon happened due to their behaviors. Both societies believed that nature was alive with a spirit and, that they could communicate with nature. For example, people of the Zuni clan were very religious, they worship nature and believed in spirits. Therefore, astronomical objects formed part of the society’s gods. In addition, both American and African societies believed in the power and existence of the ancestors. It was a common belief in both societies that ancestors were in control of events happening in current times.
Although both the Native American and African societies shared similar values concerning the Supreme Being, they had outstanding differences in their religious practices. For instance, Americans had a hierarchical system of gods that dictated the order of supremacy and their roles. On the other, hand most African societies regarded their supreme beings equally. Native Americans believed that that all creations were supreme. For example, hunting was only done when needed and people were not allowed to kill animals aimlessly. In addition, hunters were supposed to pray before killing an animal since animals were considered as sacred beings.
Although Native American and African religions had outstanding differences, the element of Supreme Being in both religions ...
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In what ways has this idea of a High God both made Native Americans and Africans open to conversion to Christianity and/or Islam and resistant to it?
Native religions have similar…
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