Genres in the Book of Revelation

Religion and Theology
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Taking genre into account is essential in understanding God’s word since the style of writing and objective reflected in each genre indicates how the intended subject of a portion in Scripture must be discerned.


Considering the apocalyptic approach, there exists no clear proof that the author had found basis on non-canonical Jewish apocalyptic literature despite the efforts of comparison made between the Book of Revelation and non-biblical Jewish writings within the span 200 BC to AD 200. Revelation evidently utilizes symbolism and visions with surreal imagery of beasts and angelic mediators, declares divine judgment, emphasizes the kingdom of God, prophesies a new heavens and a new earth, and consists of a dualism of ages. On exhibiting the text’s prophetic attribute, however, the author of Revelation uses the words: ‘prophecy’, ‘prophesy’, ‘prophesying’, ‘prophet’, and ‘prophets’ which are mentioned twenty-one times interchangeably throughout the book. ...
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