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Among B-Boys Film

The chief premise of the film Among B-BOYS, charts the progress and acculturation of this specific community. The film comprises of a compendium of dance battles with a generous flavor of B-Boy styling. The Hmong community living in the Fresno area in California is portrayed in Woon’s film and traces the day to day activities and the lives of those living there. In his earlier film, the director sheds light on the after school activities of the Hmong B-Boys and in his present film he shows how those same characters have grown up and have now moved on to greater things. For example, one of the characters named Sukie those with his elder brother to North Carolina just to escape the hard life in Fresno. Unfortunately, they are forced to settle in Tulsa, Oklahoma and soon find themselves hoped up with a group of Hmongs once again. Twin characters Steven and Michael to go to college at Long Beach State and manage to distinguish themselves during the bee B-boy competitions conducted regionally. However, they remain grounded close to their family. Meanwhile, the older Hmong’s in Fresno, who are in their late twenties still continue to nurture a healthy B-boying attitude instead of resorting to crime, drugs or gang activities. ...
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Religion and Theology Order No. 611289 1) Among B-BOYS Among B-BOYS is a feature length documentary film by debut director Chris Woon. This film is an extension of his short film that was produced in 2004 through Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera Fellowship…
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