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Term Paper example - Jewish Studies: Compare the Jewish Society and Culture in Two Different Time Periods

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Religion and Theology
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Jewish Studies: Jewish Society and Culture in Two Different Time Periods Iberian Jews The history of the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula can be traced back to the time the Second Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem. This is approximately 2000 years ago when the Jews fled their homes in search of better places to live in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia…

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During the 13th century A.D., the Jewish population in Spain and Portugal was among the most prosperous in the region. During the 14th and 15th century this community faced widespread ill-treatment and persecution from Christians who forced many of them to convert to Christianity (Baskin and Seeskin 26). Many Jews fled, while others remained and chose to convert. Some of the converted Jews, or converses, did so as a formality as they continued practicing Judaism in private. The term crypto-Judaism comes from this period, when Jews could only worship while hiding. The Jews mainly associated and married among themselves. Konner2 (146) notes that “The accession to the Spanish throne, in 612, of a king who forced the Jews to convert or leave the kingdom was a milestone in Christian persecution”. The Sephardi c Jews were highly successful in trade and administration and this caused animosity from the Christian communities living in Spain and Portugal (34). The Pale of settlement Jews The Pale of settlement is the term used to describe the territory established in 1791 by Czar Catherine the Great as a residence of Russian Jews. The settlements were established as an effort to rid Moscow of the unwanted Jewish population (Pasachoff and Littman 13). These Jews had come to Russia after Poland’s first partitioning in 1772. ...
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