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Pope John Paul II and the Dogma of Mariology

Since in the times of the early Catholic Church, church fathers have endorsed Mary's elevated status as mother of God. Standing as a paragon of womanhood and motherhood, Mary represents purity, compassion, female perfection and even salvation. The Catholic movement also forwards scripture for its Marian adoration.   The Catholic Church has endowed on Mary supreme regard, remaining a fundamental and distinctive doctrine. With titles such as Madonna, Mother of God, Mediatrix, co-Redemprix, Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin of Virgins, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Sorrows, Star of the Sea, Blessed Virgin, Blessed Mother, Holy Virgin, Saint Mary, Immaculata, Our Lady and the Seat of Wisdom, Mary is distinguished as a deified woman2. These references all explain dimensions of Mary's personality and her function. Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of God as a virgin and remained untainted and holy throughout her life. Her sinless existence entitles her to heaven where she stands as Mediatrix, the way to God for man. Through Mary, the devotee has access to all the graces of God, just as the maternal love expressed towards her children grants them great benefits. ...
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Pope John Paul II and the Dogma of Mariology Pope John Paul II has not only adhered to the traditional dogma of Mariology, he has spearheaded its advancement and further definition for the Roman Catholic Church. Mariology is the religious veneration of Mary, the Biblical mother of Jesus Christ…
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