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Name Date University Moderate Position on Abortion Moderate position creates a balance between conservative and liberal position on abortion. Moderate position states that the final decision for abortion should be based on the suffering of the fetus and the women.


It does not think that the act of abortion is legitimate under all circumstances. The position considers that the mother and fetus have certain rights. The conflict of rights is created because of the different considerations for the mother, fetus and the society. However, the acceptability of the action depends on the severity of such conditions. For example, if it is feared that there are chances that the fetus will born deformed, moderate position will allow abortion in such cases. The reason behind the acceptance of abortion in this case is that it will cause tremendous pain and suffering to the mother and the fetus itself. The loss or pain cause by giving birth to a child would be greater than the tragedy and loss of abortion. In other words, moderate position on abortion is the rational view of abortion. It requires doing what is best for the mother and the fetus. Hence it is a better alternative to conservative and liberal approaches. The moderate approach strikes a balance between liberal and conservative positions. I agree with this position because many a times there are situation when it is necessary to abort the child. People also have a tendency to abuse the abortion. They take it for granted and use it at the cost of rights of the fetus or the child. This harms the sanctity of life. Many people have compared such an act with murder. Since, it has been proven that the fetus gets the life after four months. ...
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