Elements of Religious Traditions

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Religion and Theology
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Elements of Religious Traditions Your Name Institution Abstract We have different religions with different systems of their workings. Each culture, has a set of believes and guidelines in which they practice in the daily life. This practices are  referred to as religious traditions.


What religious Traditions say Religious tradition has got commands under which human beings tied to to. Separating oral traditions from the written ones are one of the requirements of the religious traditions. Most of the religions that are already established has got well furnished oral tradition and sacred texts (Isicheri 2000). However, to many religions, this is still a dream. Written tradition is common among the religions worldwide. For instance, in Islam religion, the holy Qur’an. They believe in the teachings from the holy book. They also practice orally by being able to recite the teachings orally. Every staunch Muslim knows the laws and the rules in the Qur’an and his daily life; he lives according to what it says. In Judaism, there was Oral Torah and the written Torah in Judaism. The written Torah is which is known as the Hebrew Bible. Religious traditions base their foundations on teachings, stories, myths and texts. These are basic foundations that guide a particular group of people. They give the meaning of a group as a community and impact a sense of unity among the group. The myths are manifested in most cases as they try to explain the manner in which the universe began. They are also manifested through explanation of where human beings and other living things started. For instance, in Judaism and Islamic, it is believed that God is the creator of the universe and all that is in it. ...
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